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Wedding Proposal Ideas

We present a number of wedding proposal ideas that you can use "as is" or modify to suit your needs.

The resources listed below contain a great deal of useful and practical information. We hope you will take advantage of them, for they will assist you in proposing marriage to your significant other.

Submit a Wedding Proposal Idea

Wedding Proposal Idea No. 1

Submitted by John Hovannes

1. Buy a paperback book of poetry

2. Glue all the pages together

3. Towards the bottom of the book, in the exact center, carve out the interior pages in the shape of the engagement ring. (Use an exacto knife to get a clean cut) - Place the engagement ring in the carved out area to make sure that it fits.

4. Buy a piece of off-white cardstock (heavy paper)

5. On it, write the following poem:

There comes a time in every man's life,

When he must take a chance and choose a wife;

That time has finally come to be -

So will you take a chance and marry me?

6. Glue the heavy paper (cardstock) onto the first interior page - Glue the top portion only, so that the card can be flipped up to reveal the engagement ring.

7. Place the book on the back seat of your car/pickup.

8. On the way to a resort, stop at a rest stop to buy a soft drink.

9. Tell your sweetheart that you want to drink the soda before continuing on.

10. Tell her that you found a great poetry book and that you tried your hand at writing a poem. Reach over and give the book to her and ask for her opinion.

11. She will read it. There may be a look of bewilderment as your love realises that this is a proposal. Just at that moment of hesitation, say "flip the top page up."

12. If there was a moment of doubt as to what was happening, it will be erased when the engagement ring comes into full view.

13. Hopefully, her answer will be "YES."

Wedding Proposal Idea No. 2

Submitted by Anonymous

1. Take your intended on an afternoon fishing trip to a lake out in the middle of nowhere.

2. Make sure there is a dock.

3. Arrange for a scuba diver to lie waiting somewhere offshore.

4. When you arrive bait her hook and throw it in first.

5. The scuba diver will swim in, attach a clamshell with the ring inside to the end of the line, and then give it a tug as if there was a fish on the end.

6. When your love brings the line in, she will notice the clam.  

7. When she opens it and sees the ring, that will be your cue to say ,

"There are many, many pearls in the sea

But none of them are as nice as thee

So with this ring, I ask you now

Will you marry me!

13. Hopefully, her answer will be "YES."

Proposal Idea No. 3

Submitted by M. Seabaugh

1. Pick her up in a limo wearing a tux and carrying a dozen long stem roses.

2. take her to a private dining room in a very exclusive restaurant.

3. After dinner, have a string quartet play soft music and dance nice and close.

4. After dancing , take her to your favorite romantic place - I like water, so either on a riverboat (or yaught) cruise or near a river (or waterway) would be my pick.

5. Then take her hand, kneel down and propose by saying:

You mean the world to me

No one else has ever meant as much to me as you

Good times and bad times

For as long as we both live

Without you, my life is incomplete

I am missing something when you are not with me

I think of you night and day

I miss you when we are apart

Come grow old with me

I love you!

Will you marry me!

L&R editor's note: Hopefully, her answer will be "YES."

Wedding Proposal Ideas

Wedding Proposal Idea No. 4

Submitted by Adam Langdon

1. Get a hold of a fortune cookie (either buy a box or save one from a chinese food restaurant)

2. Open the cookie wrapper and reach into the cookie with a pair of tweezers to pull out the fortune.

3. On a piece of paper cut to the size of the fortune, write the following message:

"Confuscious say: Man you are with is madly in love with you - He would be good husband! (Her name), will you marry me?"

4. Fold the paper in half lengthwise and re-insert it into the cookie as best you can.

5. Take your sweetheart out for dinner to an oriental restaurant.

6. During or towards the end of your meal, tell her that you have to use the restroom.

7. Secretly find the waiter and tell him/her to put two fortune cookies on the table (one which is your "special one" and the other a "generic").

8. Come back to the table and quickly choose and unwrap the generic cookie.

9. When she opens her cookie, she will be confused and certainly suprised.

10. Immediately, get down on one knee, present her with an engagment ring, and say "Will you marry me?"

Hopefully, she'll say "YES."

Wedding Proposal Ideas

Wedding Proposal Idea No. 5

Submitted by Leana L. Wood

1. Tape a note to your intended's bathroom mirror which reads: "Today will be the biggest adventure of your life!" It should hold the first clue to a treasure hunt.

2. Place other clues in various locations throughout the city such as in her apartment, a storage locker at the local bus station (or mailbox at Mailboxes, etc.) ,at the local food market, at the video store, at her parent's house, and at her workplace.

Each clue should be a rhyme which has some personal significance. (Editor'sSuggestion: Buy a copy of Pearls of Love to help you compose your rhymes).

3. At the end, tell her to meet you at a favorite overlook, or romantic spot.

4. When she reaches the spot, make sure she finds the final clue which asks her "Will you marry me?"

Hopefully, she'll say "YES."

Wedding Proposal Idea No. 6

Submitted by Warren McCrea

1.) Go to a variety store and buy a ring pop. You of those rings with the lolly pop diamond on the top.

2.) After dinner or a walk etc...tell her that you have a very special magic gift for her and show her the ring pop.

3.) Then tell her to close her eyes and when the ring pop is placed on her finger it will change colour. Hopefully she is willing to humor you and go along with this.

4.) Of course you place the real ring on her finger.

5.) Keep your hand over hers and tell her to open her eyes.

6.) Ask her to marry you. She will think you're joking until you lift your hand and she see's the real engagement ring.

Wedding Proposal Ideas

Wedding Proposal Idea No. 7

Submitted by Brandon Yearwood

Purchase an engagement ring

Purchase a collectable Christmas ornament from a Hallmark store. Something like a guy and girl dressed up and on the ornament the writing "Our first Christmas 20XX"

Hide the ornament till Christmas Eve

Ask her dad for permission first to marry her (optional).

Take out the ornament from the box and tie the ring to the string of the ornament then put it back in the box with the engagement ring out of sight and then wrap the box up.

When opening gifts (hopefully in front of the family)

Make sure that she has one last little box left (the box with the ornament).

As she opens the gift, have your dad ready w/ a camera to catch the magic moment. No one besides your dad and her's should know anything is going on.

She will see the ornament and maybe she will get teared up.

Then ask her to take it out to show everyone. (Like all women she'll gladly do it)

As she removes the ornament w/ the string, her engagement ring will be revealed. She will most likely start to cry.

Take the ring off the string and get on your knees in front of the whole family and ask her to marry you... Hopefully, she'll say "yes" and the camera flash will go off!

Wedding Proposal Ideas

Wedding Proposal Briefs

Submitted by John Hovannes

The following suggestions offer different ways to communicate your desire for marriage:

Proposal Brief No. 1

Go to a local decorative T-shirt outlet and have them silk screen a t-shirt with two hearts pierced by an arrow with a caption written below which reads: "(Her name), Will you marry me? (Your name)"

Present it to her in a gift-wrapped box after returning from an out of town trip, prior to a dinner date. Hopefully, she'll say "YES" and you can go on to have a great dinner and toast your decision.

Proposal Brief No. 2

Take a red ribbon and tie it from a location near the front door of your apartment/house to various locations in the different rooms. At each junction where the ribbon is tied, place a red rose. In all there should be 12 red roses.

The final location should be in the bedroom on the bed below the pillow and the 12th rose should have the engagement ring below the bud on the stem being supported by the leaves.

Nearby should be a hand printed card which reads:

"Dear (Name)

12 roses - one for every month Symbols of a precious love Built on rock with smiles and tears And ordained by God above. Such a love is true and pure, And stirs my heart to say to thee Here, at last, on this great day - Will you marry me!"

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