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I Love You in 89 Languages

Here are transliterations of the phrase "I Love You" in at least 89 different languages.

Of course, there are more than 89 languages in the world. Not all of them have been included, thus if you don't find your native tongue, please email us.

I Love You in 89 Languages

Afrikaans | Albanian | Arabic | Armenian | American Indian: Apache | Cheyenne | Chickasaw | Hopi | Mohawk | Navajo | Sioux | Zuni | Azeri

Bangladeschi | Basque | Bengali | Bisaya (Iligan Philippines) | Bolivian Quechua | Bosnian | Brazilian (Portuguese) | Bulgarian | Burmese

Cambodian | Canadian (French) | Catalan (Spain) | Cebuano (Philippines) | Chamorro (Guam) | Chinese | Circassian | Creol | Croation (familiar) | Czech

Danish | Dutch

Equador Quechua | English | Eritrean | Estonian | Ethiopian

Farsi (Iran-dialects in Afghanistan/Pakistan) | Fijian | Filipino (Philippines) | Finnish | French

Gaelic (Language of Ireland) | Gàidhlig (Scots Gaelic) | Georgian | German | Swiss(German) | Greek | Greenlandic | Guarani (Paraguay)

Hausa (Nigeria)| Hawaiian | Hebrew | Hindi (language of northern states of India) | Hungarian

Icelandic | Ilonggo (Philippines | Indonesia | Italian | Irish (see also Gaelic)

Japanese | Jordanian

Kanada (South Indian) | Kikuyu (Kenya) | Kirundi (Burundi) | Korean | Kurdish | Kyrgyz

Lao | Latin | Latvian | Lebanese | Lithuanian | Luganda (language of Uganda) | Luo (language of Kenya) | Luxembourgish

Macedonian | Malay (Indonesian) | Maltese | Mauritian | Moroccan

Nepali | Norwegian

Oshiwambo (Northern Namibia) | Otjiherero (Namibia)

Papiamento (Aruba) | Pakistani (Urdu) | Polish | Portuguese | Punjabi (language of N. Punjab, India)

Romanian | Rukwangali (Northeastern Namibia) | Russian

Samoan | Scotish|Serbian (familiar) | Setswana | Sourashtra | Slovene | Slovak | Somali | Spanish | Srilankan | Swahili | Swedish | Syrian-Lebanese

Tagalog (a dialect of the Philippines) | Tahitian | Tamil (South India) | Thai (language of Thailand) | Tatar (Tatarstan) Tunisian | Turkish

Ukranian | Urdu (spoken in Pakistan and India)


Welsh (language spoken in Wales, UK) | Xhosa

Yiddish | Yoruba (Nigeria) | Yugoslavian


I love you in Armenian

Afrikaans to Bosnian

Afrikaans Ek is lief vir jou
Ek het jou lief
Albanian Te dua

Te dashuroj

Ti je zemra ime

American Indian (North American Native)
   Apache Sheth she~n zho~n (nazalized vowel sounds)
   Cheyenne Ne mohotatse
   Chickasaw Chiholloli (first 'i' nasalized)
   Hopi Nu' umi unangw'ta
   Navajo Ayor anosh'ni
   Sioux Techihhila
   Zuni Tom ho' ichema
Arabic Ana behibak (female to male)

Ana Behibek (male to female)

Ana ahebik

Ib'n hebbak

Ana ba-heb-bak

Nhebuk (spoken to someone important)

Armenian Yes kez guh seerem (Western dialect)

Yes kez si'rumem (Eastern dialect)

Azeri (Azerbaijan) Seni Sevirem
Bangladeschi Ami tomake valobashi
Basque Maite zaitut
Bengali Aami tomaake bhaalo baashi
Bisaya (Iligan Philippines) Gihigugma ta ka
Bolivian Quechua Qanta munani
Bosnian Volim te

I love you in Brazilian Portugeuse

Brazilian to Equador Quechua



Eu te amo (pronounced "eiu chee amu")

Eu amo voce

Bulgarian Obicham te

As te obeicham

As te obicham

Burmese Chit pa te
Cambodian Kh_nhaum soro_lahn nhee_ak
Catalan(Catalogne, Spain) T'estimo
Canadian(French) Je t'aime (I love you - spoken)
Je t'aime bien (I like you)

Je t'adore (I adore you)

Cebuano(Philippines) Gihigugma ko ikaw
Chamorro(Guam) Hu guaiya hao ("y" in guaiya sounds like a "z")
Chinese Ngo oi ney (Cantonese)

Wo oi ney (Cantonese)

Wo ai ni (Mandarin)

Wo ie ni (Mandarin)

Wuo ai nee (Mandarin)

Wo ay ni (Mandarin)

Circassian Wisichas

Mi aime jou
Mwen renmen'ou (Kreol - Haiti)

Croation(familiar) Volim te (used in common speech)
Czech Miluji te
Danish Jeg elsker dig
Dutch Ik hou van je

Ik hou van jou

Equador Quechua Canda munani

I love you in Farsi

English to French

English I love you

I adore you

I love thee (poetic)

Eritrean Jaf karaki (male to female)
Jaf karaka
(female to male)
Estonian Mina armastan sind

Ma armastan sind

ewedishalew (Male to Female)
ewedihalew (Female to Male)


Au domoni iko
Gou u'af se ei (spoken in Rotuma, Fiji)

Farsi(Iran-dialects in Afghanistan/Pakistan)

Ashegh-et am (I love you)
Tora dost daram (I like you)

Filipino (Phillipino/Philippines) Mahal kita
Iniibig kita

Finnish Mina rakastan sinua

Rakaastan sinua

("Ma") tykka"a"n susta (I like you)

French Je t'aime (I love you)

Je t'adore (I love you - stronger between lovers)

J' t'aime bien (I like you - meant for friends, family members - not for lovers)

I love you in Greek

Gaelic to Hebrew

Gaelic (Language of Ireland) Gaeilge (Irish Gaelic):

Tá mé i ngrá leat (literally: Am I in love with-you / meaning: I'm in love with you)

Pronounced: taa may ee ngraw lat

Tá grá agam ort (literally: Is love at-me on-you / meaning: I love you)

Pronounced: taa graw aggam orret

Is grá liom thú (literally: Is love with-me you

meaning: You are love in me)

Pronounced: es graw lom who

(The Irish language is generally a very idiomatic and metaphorical one.)

Gàidhlig (Scots Gaelic):

Tha gaol agam ort (literally: Is love at-me on-you / meaning: I love you)

Pronounced: ha gewl aggam orsht


Me shen mikhvarkhar (I Love You)
Me shen dzalian mikhvarkhar (I Love You Very Much)

Me shen gaghmerteb (I Adore You)

German Ich liebe dich (an expression of profound love)

Ich hab dich lieb (You are dear to me)

Swiss(German) Ch'ha di ga"rn
Greek S'ayapo (spoken s'agapo)
Greenlandic Asavakit
Guarani (Paraguay) Rohayhu
Hausa (Nigeria)

Ina so n ki (male to female)

Ina so n ka (female to male)

Hawaiian Aloha wau ia oe

Aloha wau ia oi nui loa (I love you very much)

Hebrew Ani ohevet otcha (female to male)
Ani ohev otach (male to female) - Affordable Diamond Engaement Rings

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