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Love Poems from the Web

In the Love Poems from the Web Gallery, you will find poems written by visitors to [The Love & Romance Home Page(sm)].

Some of the poems have actually been tried and tested. We hope that you will enjoy reading them, and if any one of them fits your needs, by all means, try it out.

Poem Submissions

Here is an opportunity for you to share your poetry with the whole world. All we ask is that you submit no more than one love poem per month. We cannot guarantee that every love poem submitted will be posted. All we can promise is that each love poem will be considered for posting by a selection committee.

Please bear in mind that the selection committee will not consider any love poem that is explicit or pornographic in nature.

Submission Rules

Poems can be written in many different styles, classical, contemporary, free verse, blank verse, rhymed and metered. You may email us your poem (not to exceed 20 lines in length). Please, our selection committee will consider only one love poem per visitor per month - so don't flood us with your life's work. Just pick out your best for submission. (Hint:  Don't submit poems that are obviously meant for only one person.)

Please use the following format:


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I, (Name), give my permission to and The Electric Press(tm) to post the following poem entitled (Poem Name) in the Love Poems from the Web section of [the Love and Romance Home Page(sm)]. I expect no monetary compensation from or the Electric Press® for the posting of this poem. I certify that I am the author of this poem and am the rightful copyright holder.

Type out the Poem

Love Poems from the Web

Love Poems from the Web
Index of Poems

Emotion - by Levon Kalayjian
Who Knew? - by Charles A. Christopher II
Next to Me - by John Patuto
A Lover's Vow - by Frank I. Stirling
Fair Gentleman - Catherine Mole
A Special Star - Brian David Krebs
Tapestry - Jacqueline Bower
Longing - John White
Stellar Connections - Clint Noble
A Place - Ron Townsend
To My Bride - Steven Reiser
A Gift From Heaven - Joey Hester
Heart and Soul  - Becky Kuntscher
Unrequited Love - Linn Gelert
Is it Love? - Eric Pridgen
Smile! - Katie Rogers
Remembrance - Patty Landis
Oh My Darling - Elaine Bailey
If Just This Night - Connie Elkins
Us - Walter King
The Kiss - Kyle Wise
Persistence - Sue Poppe
Timeless - Peter Ilbery
Life - James Warner
A Child Is Born - Ron Townsend
Dreams - Paul D.
My Song - Troy Shockley
The Moment - Deane Kenealy
Little Things - Kimberly Jones
My Love - TherMar227
Do You Feel As I Do - Kristen Mercurio   
Happy Valentine's - Gloria Jean
I Close My Eyes - Melissa Maxwell
Cyber Dove - Cheryl Cabana
Secret Dreams - Prince Ali
Love Across the Miles - Donald Cron
Forever - Vince Bove
The Kiss - Peter Harmon
Our Love - Tony Vang
To the One I Love - Katie Gilman
Who Knew - Stormy Jones
Love Prevails - Nigel Addison
When Our Eyes Met - Pamela Fincher

Love Poems from the Web
Love Prevails - Nigel Addison
My Love Will Be There - Randy Batiquin
Bruce Kovacs - Brown Eyes
Alone - Amber Lynn Hinson
Awaiting - Gino DeSico
Where to Start - Heather R. Clarke
The One - Michael Cook
Connections - Ed Stankiewicz
Child in Your Eyes - Paula Beaton
Illusive - Jennifer Burstein
This Ring - Darrell Roe
A Beautiful Girl - Arbab Zeeshan Memon
Our Song of Songs - Susan Crowe
Butterflies - Wayne Brown
The Little Door - Ryan H. Suen
Eyes For You - John Pillivant
No Matter What - Brandi Hoskins
Question - Ashley Colyer
A New Day - Sparky Swartz
Love of Mine - N. Monroe
Dear God - Megan Medeiros
If You Were - Danielle E.
I Believe - Tammy Linsten
Wish - Bob B
My Needs - Teresa Hargrove
Feelings - Hieu Nguyen
You - Unknown
Eternal Love - Serina Torkmani
Pastel Blue - Carl Eugene Moore
If I Could - Sheila M. Goss
God's Gift - Jason Kenneth Haynes
Ask Me - Ayman El Toukhy
Angela - Steve Baird
Sharing Souls - Tricia Lynn McKissick
Our Mystery - Dan Hixon
Just Promise Me - Jonathon Koberstein
Eternal Love - Ben Helle

Love Poems from the Web

Love Poems from the Web
Index of Poems - Continued

Our Love - Tonny Vang
My Last Poem... - Dan Caldwell
Hope - Tony Gentile
Masterpiece - Robert Koch
Life Is A Journey - Lisa Crowe
A Distance - David Decker
Softly My Heart - Diana James
Your Eyes - David Mahalek
Love's Light - Greg Agee
A Love Gone Wrong - April Konopka
You - Lucinda Perniciaro
You... - Jean-Marie Magee
The Fire - Jarrod Wade
Take My Hand - Matt Low
Lost - April Thomas
My Kind of Love - Jenny Woltkamp
Just Wanted to Say - Adam Fisher
Loving You - David Brown
I Wish - Scott D. Spencer
My Secret - Amanda Tribett
For You, My Love - Jennifer
The Chance To Be Warm - Cutch Winstead III
Together Forever - Azcch Somia
I Adore You - Vanessa Muller
More to Come

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