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What is a Diamond?

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Name Backgound:

The name "Diamond" comes from the ancient Greek "adamas" defined as "invincible."

Diamond Hardness:
The world's hardest known natural substance (occuring in nature)
Third hardest known natural or man-made substance after 1) aggregated diamond nanorods and 2) ultrahard fullerite
Base Element:
Carbon - the diamond is one of two allotropes of carbon. The other is graphite
Physical Qualities:
Hardness, High dispersion of light
Physical Characteristics:
Makes a superior abrasive, holds a polish extremely well, retains its luster
Diamond quality is determined by the Four C's: Carat (weight), Clarity, Color, and Cut (Shape)
Used as gemstones for at least two thousand five hunderd years
Since the nineteenth century, diamonds have become increasingly popular due to:
1) greater supply, 2) improved polishing and cutting procedures,
3) better advertising, and 4) more people with disposable income
Volcanic pipes (or conduits) from deep within the Earth where temperatures
and pressures are high permitting the formation of crystals
Deposit Locations:
Central and southern Africa - roughly half of all annual mining
Canada, Australia, India, Russia and Brazil

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