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Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Ideas on what to do on your anniversary..

The Anniversary Ideas Gallery is the place to come for general information about this special ocassion..

Idea No. 1.
1st Wedding Anniversary - Paper

Since the first wedding anniversary is known as the "paper" anniversary, something that has to do with the theme would be appropriate. Since "paper" comes from trees, why don't you reserve a cottage or cabin in the forest, or a room at a mountain resort.

Before you leave for this special getaway, you can compile photos from your first year together and place them in an album that has on its cover an image of a tree and a small sheet of writing paper with your names, the date of your anniversary and "First Wedding Anniversary" written on it.

Make sure you have secured reservations for dinner at a local resort restaurant preferebly with views of the trees for added ambience. Present the album to your love at dinner for maximum impact. You can then go back to your room and look it over while enjoying each other's company.

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Idea No. 2
2nd Wedding Anniversary - Cotton

Coming Soon

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Idea No. 3
3rd Wedding Anniversary - Linen/Silk

Coming Soon

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Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Anniversary Names and Gift Ideas

Here you'll find a list of anniversary years and their corresponding names as well as possible gifts for each respective anniversary year.

Once you find the name given to the anniversary year, visit the Love and Romance Gift Shoppe to find the perfect token of your love.


Wedding Anniversary

Name (other possible gifts)

1st Paper (clocks)
2nd Cotton (china)
3rd Leather(crystal, glass)

Linen, Silk (electric appliances)
5th Wood (silverware)
6th Iron (wood)
7th Wool/Copper (desk sets, pen & pencil sets)
8th Bronze (linens, laces)
9th Pottery, China (leather)
10th Tin, Aluminum (diamond jewelry)
11th Steel (fashion jewelry, accessories)
12th Silk (pearls, colored gems)
13th Lace (textiles, furs)
14th Ivory (gold jewelry)
15th Crystal (watches)
20th China (platinum)
25th Silver (sterling silver)
30th Pearl (diamond)
35th Coral (jade)
40th Ruby (ruby)
45th Sapphire (sapphire)
50th Gold (gold)
55th Emerald (emerald)
60th Diamond (diamond)

Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Featured Anniversary Poem

Poem No. 1. - Fifth Wedding Anniversary

One thousand eight hundred and twenty-six days

How meaningful my life has come to be

One thousand eight hundred and twenty-six ways

To say how much you mean to me;


And so on this, our fifth anniversary

As we enjoy a life filled with harmony

As we cherish each other as husband and wife;

As we help each other down the road of life


In celebration of the joy we share

And a relationship so unique and rare

I send to you this symbol of

My deep and everlasting love.

Wedding Anniversary Ideas

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