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Love Poems

On this secon page of the Love Poem Gallery, we provide more ove poems that you can use "as is" or modify to suit your individual needs.

These love poems are here for you to use. Take advantage of the ideas that they express to enhance your relationship.

Valentine's Day

The Picture


Your picture which I have in hand,

By itself could never stand;

For in dimensions, it does lack

The third and foremost of the pack.

It will not kiss me on command;

It cannot love me on demand;

And warmth, it never can imbue

To this poor soul who yearns for you.

Torture me no more, my sweet;

Pictures can't such passions treat;

And if they burn as mine do now,

They need to be relieved somehow.

Thus, to this truth, I do adhere,

That only you, my Doctor dear,

In three dimensions, can you clear

This burning which is so severe.

So fly to me - do not delay;

I cannot wait another day;

And free me from the torments of

This raging three-dimensioned love.

Love Poems

Copyright © 1983 Ara John Movsesian

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Take A Chance

A chance encounter of the best kind -

A meeting arranged by fate -

Two souls have come together

Two hearts can now relate.

Exploring has uncovered

A tender love sublime,

Whose roots are strong and deep,

To withstand the test of time.

This much, I know within my heart,

That you are meant for me;

To share with me the joys of life;

Throughout eternity.

So now, I ask with an open heart

Barring my soul to thee;

Will you, my sweet, my soulmate

Take a chance and marry me?

Love Poems

Copyright © 1991 Ara John Movsesian


89 Ways to Say "I Love You"


I smile whenever I recall

The special moments we have had;

Walking always hand in hand

Through the good times and the bad.

Sometimes, I think it is a dream --

The love you give me could not be;

But then when you are in my arms

There's no mistake in its purity.

Whether I'm with you or far away,

My thoughts are always drawn to you

Like a compass needle pointing North

To a love much more than true.

Of all the people on this Earth --

How lucky can a person be;

To have found the likes of you, my love,

With whom to share eternity!

Love Poems

Poem Recited by Ara John Movsesian

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Love Poems

Copyright © 2000 Ara John Movsesian

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Another Time

The fragrance of an orchid

Wafting through the air,

Reminds me of another time,

And of a beauty rare.

The melodic strains of an orchestra

Sailing through the night,

Remind me of another time,

And of a lovely sight.

Associations such as these

Fill my thoughts with rhyme

And I can't help but long for

The poetry of another time.

A time when life made sense to me,

When love was everywhere;

When you and I would dance and dance

While your fragrance filled the air.

Such memories consume me,

And they constantly remind;

That you, my sweet, are in my heart

And forever on my mind.

Love Poems

Poem Recited by Ara John Movsesian

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Love Poems

Copyright © 2000 Ara John Movsesian

89 Ways to Say "I Love You"

Two Birds

Two birds begin a journey long,

From different points in a far off land;

With a luring urge - in heart a song,

Two novices heed life's command.

As they make their great migration,

Their feeble feet turn to taloned hands;

And the two reach their destination

As seasoned travelers in the southern lands.

Still unaware that the other lives,

Each alights upon the very same tree;

And there the two, as if guided by God,

Fall madly in love and marry.

Thus so it is with you and me;

Two birds which Heaven's winds did blow

To this blessed rendezvous of life,

Like the two Swallows at Capistrano.

Love Poems

Copyright © 1983 Ara John Movsesian

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