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Thanks for your awsome site! It helped more then ever! I need to write my  wedding vows, I did not even know where to start. Then I found your site, and wow!!!! It was easy to write them using your guide to help me along the way!

Thanks always,


PS.... And if your one that needs help with your vows just take a deep breath and relax and read this site!

PS.... Please keep up the good work! It will help millions just like me!

"I am a minister and we are having a simple 30th wedding anniversary today for a couple at church. I wanted to do something special but the gentleman did not want to do vows or anything like that. He did agree to walk down the aisle and light a unity candle.

I began to try to think of what could I do that would be special. I found your web page and began to discover a wonderful world of resources. I found the poem "Eternity" [in the Love Poems section] and it fits this couple so good that I plan to let them light the candle and stand and hold hands as I read this poem. I believe it will be a beautiful and simple ceremony. Thank you for this beautiful resource.


Reverend B. Parker

I was devoured by your site! I have never in my life seen such beauty on the web. You are truly the best site I have seen!


Best Foster

I love your page! ... Keep up the good work, dude.

L.G. Frohike (Phil)

I enjoyed every category!!! Thank you.

Jay Michael Guerrero


I love your web page!

Ana Becas

I love your page on love and romance. I found that it helped me gain love from someone I love. Our relationship has grown to unreachable heights. I thank you... May God be with you and bless all of you.


"I just LOVE your web page - and use it all the time!! My boyfriend lives in Colorado ... ."


"Your website is absolutely beautiful."

Denise Baker

"Your web page is so inspiring for a healthy and loving relationship. I love it and I love JOHN."

Magda C.

"I think your website is beautiful; it may help many people get with the one they love. You guys are great."


"I loved your page....I have a true love that lives in England.  His name is Joel, and I truly love him....Your page is beautiful, just as my love is for my sweetie.  Keep up the good work..."

Maria Ramirez

"Your website isAWESOME!  Thank you so much.  Even though it is under construction, it still helped me immensely.  Me an my boyfriend had been fighting so I took as many of the poems that applied to our situation and combined them.  The poems helped me express how much I love him.  The poems are real.  They pertain to real situations.  Thank you again.  I am eagerly awaiting its completion."


"I loved everything you had....keep it up!!!!!  In this day and age, people are so busy with life that they forget how to love or how to express that teach that well, and give great ideas and motivation....thank you!"


"I recently visited your page and really enjoyed it...."

Jenny Richards

"I really enjoyed looking at this site!!!  It helped me tell the girl of my dreams how I really feel!!! Thanx a lot!!!"

Billy Wong

"Love sure makes the world go round. Who could we turn to for excellent romance advice without your inspiring site. Thanks."

Lisa (Australia)

"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your web site, one of the best I have truly seen .. I hope you continue to keep up the good work .. for us poetry lovers, you have covered it all for us .. many thanks to you for bringing a smile to an otherwise dull day..) I have bookmarked this site and will visit it often!! Once again, thank you."

Duane Heape

"I am from Monterrey, Mexico and I think your site is great because I am a poetry lover and just want to say to everyone that maintain this page that you are doing a great job."

Charles (Mexico)

"Thank you so much for all the poems you have place on the WWW. My wife and I really enjoy them. Thanks."

Raymond Scroggy

"I love this site ... I've bookmarked it: very useful. Thanx... My girlfriend will love you."

Stuart (Australia)

"I absolutely LLLOOOVVVEEE your page!!! What a help it was for me in my decisions for letter and poetry writing!!! Keep up the excellent work ... I am soooo impressed!!!!!!!!!!"


"I really appreciate you guys for providing such a wonderful web page. In fact, my girlfriend and I are going through a rough patch and I therefore need a well-written love letter to win her heart back again. So I will try some of your sample letters. ... Thanks again! Ciao!"

Ho See Shen Kenneth (Singapore)

"Thank you to the authors ... you help me alot in expressing my feelings towards my fiancee ... I can't imagine that for 5 years as friends, we are now getting married this June. Thanks to you all!!!! I love this site and always will ..." Rosemary Cabahug (Phillippines)

"I love this page!! It made me feel warm inside!!"

Justy Radekon

"I don"t know if this letter will mean anything to you but I have been surfing the net for two years now and it is so "duh" of me to know of your page only now. It has been very helpful to me and I just want you to know it. It is one of the best (if not the best) websites that I have every encountered and I just want you to know that I am very grateful to find it. Thanks for putting such a marvelous page together. Keep it up. I'll visit it often and I hope that you won't tire of it. Good luck and God bless."

Honey Thompson

"Thank you for making such a wonderful site. It helps me with a lot of stuff that I can't say, myself."


"I have a number of people that I have always wanted to tell something and never could find the words. Well, thanks to you and your web page, I can finally say or put into words what I've always needed to say."


"I would just like to say thank you so much for this web page!! I have been with my boyfriend ...since September... tonight I decided I would look online to find something to send to him in the mail to let him know how much I love and care for him. I found so many poems on your site, and the "I love you" page with all the different languages was so great, I know he will love it. So I just wanted to say thank you; this is a great page; it made me so happy, and I know it will make him just as happy as I am. Thank you so much!



"My boyfriend and I had a small spat, and I needed to tell him in a special way just exactly how much I really loved him. I found the perfect letter that reflected my love for him on your website. Again, I give you my deepest thanks."


"Hi! I would just like to say that I really appreciate the availability of this kind of web page. It really helps when you are far away from someone. My love lives in Canada, and I'm in Sweden. It's really hard sometimes.. but we'll get through somehow...Anyway,


Monika Kubiak (Sweden)

"From a hopeless romantic to a helpful resource, Thank You."

Dustin E. Lundy

"I just wanted to share my gratitude for the availability of this site!  I think it is fabulous that you have taken the effort to put a simple and free resource on the web that is all to often being overtaken by an ever increasing money-hungry web masters.  Thank you for your web page...I will be back often and have added it to my favorite places....Once again, thanks a lot!!!"

Shawn Hurst

"Thank you so very much.  Your poems are wonderful and have added spice to my marriage.

My deepest thanks."


"I LUUUUUUVVVVVV your page!  It helped me gain a love that I thought I'd lost! Thank you so much!  Keep up the good work!"

Ashlie Turner (Canada)

"I've been looking for a page like this for a long time.  Thanks a lot!"

Chris Schlachter

"I recently visited your page.  I found it very interesting and well-organized.  I think I am going to take some of the ideas that I discovered there and use them in my pursuit of love.  Again, Great Page!"

FB Wally

"This is a wonderful page.  Me and my fiancee...are now planning our wedding for next year.  This has given us great ideas for writing our own vows.  Now if you (or anyone else) has any ideas for a Navajo style wedding, we would appreciate the help...."

Carla Wirch (Canada)

"I really enjoyed visiting this web site!!"

Amanda Bridges

"I just tumbled upon your web page through Yahoo and am now planning to use some of your short poems on the page for my dear boyfriend.  Though we see each other every night, when we're on the web and feel a little lonely, we like to visit the pages we made for each other.  I just wanted to drop a quick thank you."

Tina Ju

"Good job!!!! What a nice thing to be able to fall back on when the words won't come on their own!  Congratulations!!"


"I love your page!  It's beautiful.  My men are gonna love this stuff!  Keep up the good work!"


Guys...This is just GREAT!!  I feel in LOVE right now and I wish everybody could feel the same for the rest of their lives once they have found the perfect match.  The best is that this site helps one to be and feel even better.  LOVE the people, the earth, life, but above all love LOVE.  CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!"

Jannet Rios Vazquez (Mexico)

"What a beautiful site!  I absolutely love it ..."


"I think your page is wonderful!  I gave my girlfriend about 10 of your poems and she told me to stop; not that she didn't like them, but she didn't want her parents to find her crying!  I think your poems have brought us closer!  Thank you again!"


Nathan Jumper

"What a wonderful idea...and a helpful page... to some of us "net" people to keep our Real Time relationships alive and beating...*S* I am e mailing my love a new way of saying I love you...every day...all because of you find more ways within the next 88 days? *laugh*...thanks again!!!!! Great job!!!!"



"Your homepage is brilliant.  I love the poems, expressions, how to say "I love you" in 89 languages, and everything else!  I can't wait for your homepage to be fully constructed.  Please hurry up!  This is a wonderful homepage!!"


Shehn Majid (Malaysia)

"Thanks for this web site.  It really has meant and done a lot for me through the years.  Thanks again."


"I would like to tell you that this web page is excellent.  I am a hopeless romantic,  but I will never know when I fall in love.  Well, maybe I will SOMEDAY..."


"I just wanted to say, I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE!  It's so amazing; I found everything I wanted.....Thanks So Much!"


"I just wanna say that you have a very lovely page here.  Keep up the good ideas and typesetting.  Great job guys, and have a good night."


"I just wanted to thank you for having such a wonderful and helpful site.  I have been hunting the web for useful advice for my wedding but found none until I visited your page.  Thank you so much for making this whole wonderfully hectic event a little easier."

Stacy White

"I Lurrve Your Page...carry on with the good work!!!"

Elise Coulson (England)

"I just want to say that although I am new to the page, I am truly impressed with its true sense of maturity and lack of blatant sexuality prevalent on the web as of late.  Congrats on a job well done!"

Jamal McQuay

"I think this page is soooo Cool!"

Angelica S.

"Like everyone else, I really enjoyed your page.  My problem is I am a hopeless romantic who loves to make the people I care for happy.  I think nowadays everyone takes for granted the small, sweet things....It's hard to find someone who will spend the kind of time and effort that I do in a relationship."

Monica Stark

"I was looking through the poems and you guys had some poems that had exactly what I was feeling towards my boyfriend.  I can't seem to find another web-site like yours that has poems to read about love.  I already sent all the poems that say all the things that I want to say.  This is just to say that you guys have a great web site."


"This was truly very helpful in a lot of ways.  It brought back the romance that was lost in our relationship once we got married.  He even got a lot of ideas from it.  This is a beautiful web site."

Beth Dann

"I love your page!"

Sasha Pelton

"I loved your web site!  I read every single poem and letter on it.  It is one of the best sites I've ever seen on the web yet.  I can't wait until you finish construction."


"I enjoyed your web page.  It is nice to think of other people, and the way they feel about love and friendship.  To a lot of people, being online is new.  Helping them get off to a good start."

Thank you,

Frank Francis

"I love this website.  I am glad that I stumbled on it!"

Tamika Stone

"I just want to say that this is a wonderful page.  The only reason I found it is because I typed my last name in as a keyword and look at what I found!  Who are you Raymond Scroggy???"

Adam Scroggy

"Your page is the best one I have ever seen!"


"Although I didn't find it through a "search" for wedding info, your "Wedding Proposal Ideas" and "Wedding Vows" pages are an excellent source for wedding information, and I am just writing to say thank you for doing such a great job on it."

Dawnn Flanagan

"I think your website is GREAT!!!

Made a change in my life!!!! HONESTLY




Cara Mia

"I am writing to say how much I truly loved your website.  It was beautiful in every single way possible.  Please continue to add on!

Thank you,"

Midnight Light

"Thank you very much for your love letters and poems.  They have found me a new lover for which I am very greatful...THANK YOU!"


"I just wanted to let you all know that I visited your site for the first time today, and every poem and love letter that I read was absolutely wonderful!!!!! Once I get a chance, I'll submit some of my poems too.

Thanx for your time,"

Loren Mayo

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